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Getting Around India

Rickshaw or rail, boat or bus

Forget about traffic lights, zebra crossings, stop streets and roundabouts – chaos reigns on the streets of India. We'd love to say that it's organised chaos, but it's not. It's just chaos. Sides of the road are more a suggestion than a rule and cars certainly aren't the primary users of India's road network.

Cows, chickens, bicycles, elephants, dogs, pedestrians and busses jostle for positions to a cacophony of horns and hooters. Safety is not a massive priority because, hey - what will be, will be.

So it's a good idea to ensure that any road transfers are properly organised by a reputable company with an experienced driver and a safe vehicle.

India has a number of very good airlines including Air India, Jet Airlines, SpiceJet and IndiGo. The airports are generally clean and safe but they are busy, so be sure to leave enough time to catch your flight.

The trains in India are a mixed bag, from the luxury rail journeys to the daily commuter trains – some are absolutely fine to take while others might be best avoided. And sometimes you won't have any other option.

Distances in India are vast and logistics can be complex. That's why it's important to speak to one of our travel experts who will ensure that your time in India is optimised with efficient and safe transfers.