About Haryana and Punjab

The plains are the pivotal parts of India that include some large and economical states of India. Some of the states are Bihar, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. Punjab and Haryana are states that belong to the north western parts of the country. Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir border Punjab and Haryana. These 2 states also share borders with Pakistan.

Punjab and Haryana are one of the largest states in India and Punjabi and Hindi are the widely spoken languages. A lot of the industries nestled in these states produce fertilizers, electrical goods, garments, bicycles, sewing machines, machine tools, water meter, sewing machines, scientific instruments, textiles. The shivalik hills and the Thar deserts form a large portion of Punjab.

Places to visit/see

Haryana and Punjab attract a lot of tourists every year. These states are known for their historic sites and architectural marvels like every other state in India. Chandigarh being the capital is said to one of the most beautiful states in the world. Jyotisar one of the most famous pilgrims tourists visit. It is a site where Lord Krishna has delivered the Bhagavad Gita. Apart from Jyotisar, places like Panckula, Penhowa and Thanesar are one of the most significant pilgrimage sites.

The Seonsar forest in these states has been a home to the Coppersmith Barbers, Rufous Treepies, The Indian Grey Hornbills, Greater Coucals and a few other animals like the Wild boars, Langurs and Geedar. Other places like Ibrahim Lodhi's tomb, Karna Lake, Badkhal Lake and Yadavindra Gardens are some of the more prominent places of Haryana. The fun adventurists look forward to activities like river rafting, kayaking, rappelling and boat cruises. The golden temple has been one of the most religious places that have seen tourists pouring in like water.

How to Reach

Air: Amritsar has an airport called Sri Guru Ram Dass jee. It is one of the most widely used airports present. It gets flights from other international countries like Toronto, London, Doha, Ashgabat, Dubai, Tashkent, Abu Dhabi, and Muscat. People from other parts of the world like in South East Asia, Europe and USA book their flights to the Indira Gandhi international airport at New Delhi.

Railways: The Chandigarh railway station is one of the most significant junctions that have trains going in and out to various cities inside the country on a daily basis.

Road: There are 29 national and several state highways that connect the states to all the other states close by. Grand trunk road is one of the most ancient roads that pass through Haryana. The expressway has now being introduced in all the states in and out of Haryana and Punjab.

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